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Taxes/Utility Bill Payment

Real Estate Tax

Personal Property Tax

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax (Initial or Demand Only)

Boat Excise Tax

Parking Ticket

There is a fifty cent ($0.50) convenience fee for using the electronic check feature.

There is a 2.95% convenience fee for using your credit card
(American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa Only)
(minimum of $1).

**Please note that these convenience fees are levied by the financial institutions and NOT by the City of Brockton**

When searching for your bill PLEASE enter the Account number or Parcel ID number as it appears on your bill

If entering your address use the number and name, DO NOT include designations such as ST or AVE

If searching by name you MUST enter both the last name and the first name

If you need assistance City Hall Systems customer service can be reach by phone at 508-381-5455 or by email at epay@cityhallsystems.com

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